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Maxim Kids delivers programmes through coaching sessions, once week in different areas & Townships, focusing on the following:

  •  Introduction to boxing (draw interest)
  •  Skills & Techniques
  •  Strength: Stamina.
  •  Create a firm atmosphere through boxing

Participants are required to show up at the gym once a week in order to stay in the programmes. During each 75 min session they undergo training that closely mirrors training that amateur boxers undergo. This training includes but is not limited to shadow boxing, sit-ups, rounds on the punching bags, eye-hand coordination exercises with a speed ball, moving drills, rope skipping, and ultimately controlled sparring against peers in the program. Sparring is an optional exercise, not required for participation in the programmes.

Coaches and Trainers:
Each coach and trainer brings his or her past experience and training style to offer the participant a unique training experience aimed at helping the participant improve him or herself both mentally and physically. Trainers are E.T.A Qualified.

Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting (MER):
Maxim Kids monitors its growth/Programmes and participants’ progress through a membership database which must be monitored at areas where programmes are delivered; and reports compiled by quarterly and annually.

Maxim Kids partners with existing community programmes, and helps create new programmes where there is none in existence. In this way, Maxim Kids empowers communities. Maxim Kids’ programmes serve primarily vulnerable youth aged from 5 to 17 across gender spectrum (covering both male and females), who are living in under-privileged areas of South Africa and in the continent at large. Exceptions may be made for youth immediately under or just over those ages on a case-by-case basis.

Intended impact/outcome of Maxim Kids’ Boxing Programmes
Maxim Kids teaches the traditional boxing technique, incorporating a strong work ethic in its teaching model, and well as various life skills. The positive effects/outcomes of Maxim Kids’ programmes can be measured in terms of the personal developments of its participants.

Like most sports, boxing requires discipline. However, its uniqueness emanates from the fact that, by its very nature; as unlike collective sports, boxing a high level of and focus at all times. Successful participants of the programmes are those that are able to develop that discipline and focus and ultimately extend that discipline to other areas of their lives.

Confidence, Self Esteem and Respect
Sports in general offer a chance for youth to be challenged and grow, developing confidence in themselves and in turn raising their self-esteem. Our programmes and activities are structured in a way to boost the youth’s self-esteem and confidence; especially for young girls, who happen to be the most vulnerable in the underprivileged communities. Our programmes make turn boxing into a very enjoyable hobby, especially for young girls, who are not socialised to get involved in such sports.

Maxim Kids programmes offer an environment where youth will be challenged to participate in a very demanding sport and at the same time learn respect, not only for their peers that they train and compete with, but most importantly for themselves. Successful participants are the ones that, through our programmes, find new confidence in themselves through adopting the positive attitude necessary to endure and to be successful in the sport of boxing while at the same time developing respect for the sport and others both in and out of the ring.

Like all physical sports, boxing improves one’s health. Unlike most sports, boxing requires developing mind-body control and coordination to a level and in a unique manner. Through our programmes, participants have the chance to improve their health. Participants are able to maintain their fitness throughout the duration of their training and outside of the gym also enjoy the benefits of being physically healthier. Our training progamme are the healthiest way to fight the growing epidemic of obesity.

The Successful Team Members
Success of our programmes is not only measured by participants’ knowledge understanding and mastery of the sport of boxing (how well the participant learns to box), the health benefits (fitness) and personal benefits (focus, self-esteem, discipline); but most importantly by the social benefits, mainly the curbing or gangsterisme in disadvantaged communities.
Our activities are run in a way that promotes team spirit. Participants form new networks through interactions and mutual supports, as well as mentorship of the junior by the senior participants during our training sessions. This team spirit based on a shared hobby is likely to translate in their communities, subsequently keep our participants away from the negative influence of gang movements, and peers’ pressures. Our participants ought to set good example for other kids within communities. Disciplined kids are likely to succeed in many other areas of life.